Monday, December 22, 2008

Gosh, Don’t I Feel Stupid Now?

Monday, December 22, 2008

In my very first post, I talked about how difficult I found Wordpress and that the steep learning curve turned me off blogging for almost a year. In that post, I talked about the apparent simplicity of Blogger. I was excited by the prospect of an intuitive, easy-to-use service which allowed me to focus on writing instead of wrestling with it to do what I want. Unfortunately, this excitement was short-lived. After posting my first blog entry, I discovered that the body text was very, very small. It was so small that I almost had to squint to read complete sentences. I knew that I needed to fix it, because who’s going to have the patience to read a blog that looks like it was formatted to be read by mice, rats and other small rodents?

I had downloaded a new template and I suspected it was set to display text ridiculously small. I searched online to find the correct line of code to edit in the raw HTML (something which I know a tiny, little bit about). This took a long time, because I couldn’t seem to find the right block of code to edit. I managed to edit everything else, but not the body text size. Next, I tried to change the text size in the Page Elements tab. This allowed me to change everything except the body text size. Finally, I tried to edit the post itself. The text had been copied from Textedit on my Mac and for some reason, the text pasted by default as small size. I quickly changed the text size and hallelujah! After an hour and a half of tinkering, my blog was finally readable.

In my first entry, I mentioned that I have no interest editing CSS and HTML. I don’t enjoy all that mucking around, I find it tedious and boring. However, I was determined to make my new template work. Now that I look at it, I realise that I started with the most difficult solution and worked backwards to the most simple. Isn’t that odd? The problem was, I expected the problem to be more complicated than it actually was. This simplicity thing is going to take some getting used to.


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