Monday, January 12, 2009

Why Would Anyone Throw This Away?

Monday, January 12, 2009
A few days ago, I found something entirely unexpected - an Ipod. The kids next door had accidentally kicked a ball over the fence, and asked me to look for it. While searching for their ball, I happened upon a green rectangle, the size and form of a 2nd generation Ipod nano. Somehow, it had found it's way to the side of our house, in that no-man's-land where cobwebs and weeds take over in that narrow strip between the house and the fence.

I apologise for posting such a dodgy photo, but if you look at the very top of the Ipod, it has a little bulge. One of the components is sticking out a slight bit, pushing the top section up and away from the rest of the frame. After fiddling around with it and hooking it up to my Mac, I discovered that it's in complete working order - the only thing wrong with it is the aforementioned bulge.

I got to thinking - why would anyone throw out a fully-working Ipod? When I hooked it up to my Mac, I discovered that the owner had called it "Tha Shit". Also, it had been uploaded with a lot of rap and R&B songs, most of which I hate with a passion. Why would the owner have thrown this away? Surely there are better things to do with a fully functioning Ipod?


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